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What is Strewth SLS?

The Strewth SLS is the natural evolution of the original "Step-In" snowboard bindings, combining the ease and speed of a step-in with the performance and feel of a traditional two strap binding.. 


Our Inspiration

A lot of riders loved the step-ins, and while they are not available on the market today we believe there is still a demand for a high quality, high performance, step-in binding.

The majority of snowboarders today swear that only traditional two strap bindings provide the best in feel & performance, and we agree! 

After trying all the current offerings on the market, including the “rear-entry” bindings, we found there was nothing that met our desire for a high performance binding with the speed and ease of a step-in.

How Does It Work

The Strewth SLS provides step-in functionality in a traditional two strap binding by using your body weight to automatcally close and lock the binding.

As you place your boot in the binding and press down on the footbed, the ankle strap is automatically tightened, the Hi-Back returns to the closed position, and the binding is automatically locked.

All this happens in an instant allowing you to ride straight from the lift without stopping & often without even looking down.

The straps return to your preset tension every time. Set your straps once at the start of the day and don't touch them again. 

Due to the leverage created in the system, only a small amount of pressure is required on the baseplate to close and lock the binding, even with the tightest strap settings. This is especially useful in powder, and ensures easy entry anywhere on the mountain.

Exit is via a simple flick of the release lever.

Strewth Advantages

The ability to step into your bindings and ride away without bending down to tighten straps is the most obvious advantage of the Strewth SLS. This means more time riding, more powder, and no more sitting down to strap in. 

Riders of other speed entry systems, will know that while these other bindings offer some convenience when on flat hard packed snow, they can be extremely difficult to enter on steep slopes and deep snow. This is due to the clearance required for the opening hiback and the cable locking mechanism attached to the hiback. On steep slopes and deep snow these bindings become far more difficult to enter than traditional strap bindings, therefore losing the benefit of the speed entry system.

With the Strewth SLS we have removed the limitations of the existing "speed entry" systems, meaning you can step-in effortlessly anywhere on the mountain, even on the steepest slopes and deepest snow.

The Strewth SLS is the only binding providing a truly automatic "hands free" step-in entry system ! 

"A game changer in snowboard binding technology!"

Reliability and Quality

Reliability and quality has been a key focus for us from day one. 

Although it sounds complicated, the design has been kept simple with a minimum number of moving parts. We have also removed the majority of nuts and screws found in other bindings. Losing a screw has been the ruin of many a great day on the hill, and the best warranty in the world won't save you when you're stuck on top of a mountain. We use permanent fasteners to ensure you are not let down when it matters most.

Our bases are made of the highest grade glass infused nylons for maximum strength and minimum weight. 

Our heel-cups are made only from the strongest aircraft grade aluminum. No crappy plastic heel-cups here!

To ensure the best reliability and quality, we have been working closely with some of the best snowboard designers in the business and have partnered with one of the largest binding factories (who currently make bindings for many of the biggest brands) to ensure Strewth bindings are manufactured to the highest possible standards.  

We are 100% committed to building our bindings to perform day in day out, season after season!  



Below are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us with any more questions you have and we will add them to the list below.

Can I use standard snowboard boots with Strewth bindings?

Yes. Strewth Bindings are just like any standard two-strap binding when 
riding. You can use any standard snowboard boot with your Strewth 

Are the bindings heavy?

No. The bindings are made from the same materials as most high-end 
snowboard bindings, ie; Glass infused nylons, and aircraft grade 
aluminium. Plus we have cored out our baseplates to remove any excess 
material. Strewth bindings are equivalent in weight to the lighter 
bindings on the market today.

Are the bindings affected by snow clogging or jamming?

No. Addressing the issue of snow clogging has been a core driver in the 
design from day one. We have insured there is no part of the binding 
affected by snow clogging. An amount of snow will always enter any 
binding, and we have allowed for this to ensure the binding is 
not affected by snow entering the binding.

Can I use the straps like a standard binding?

Yes. The binding has standard straps and ratchets. If you want to, you can use 
the straps and ratchets just like a normal binding, however we doubt you will ever want to.

I like my straps really tight. Will I need to use more force to enter or exit 
the bindings if I have my straps set super tight?

No. This is one of the key features of the system. Due to the leverage 
created in the strap system, no matter how tight your straps are set 
you will only need minimal pressure on the baseplate to lock the binding. 
This is especially useful in powder!

How does the performance & flex compare to other bindings on the market.

The binding performance is equal to any top-end binding available. The 
flex for this model is a stiffer flex, aimed more towards all mountain 

About Us

Strewth Snowboards is a startup company based in Sydney Australia, purely focused on the advancement of snowboarding through innovative and high performance product design.