Strewth Snowboards Launches New Take on Step-in Bindings

Posted by Strewth Snowboards on January 17, 2016. 0 Comments


Strewth Snowboards Launches New Take on Step-in Bindings

Australian snowboard startup Strewth Snowboards announces new binding line, fusing a hands-free auto entry system with a traditional two-strap binding.

Strewth Snowboards today unveiled the new Strewth SLS binding system, the world’s first binding system to combine the speed and ease of a step-in binding, with the feel and performance of a traditional two strap binding. The Strewth SLS is a new design and brings back to the market the ease of entry of the original step-in bindings, while providing exceptional performance and comfort. The Strewth SLS provides a seamless transition from chair to slope, gets riders on snow faster and removes the hassle of fighting with straps on every run. The Strewth SLS is designed for use with all snowboard boots and requires none of the trade-offs in performance or compatibility associated with many of the old step-in binding systems. The Strewth SLS is the only binding on the market today providing a hands-free auto entry system in a traditional two-strap format.

  • No more strapping in: Just step in and ride. No sitting down to adjust straps. No manual strapping in. Ride straight from the chair!
  • Performance and control: Standard two-strap configuration. Providing ultimate feel performance and compatibility fused with step-in convenience.
  • Set and Forget: Set your straps once at the start of the day and don’t touch them again.
  • Fast in, fast out: Getting in it’s the fastest binding available. Getting out is just as fast with one hand release.

The new Strewth SLS provides step-in functionality in a traditional two-strap binding by using your body weight to automatically close and lock the binding. As you place your boot in the binding and press down on the footbed, the ankle strap is automatically tightened, the Hi-Back returns to the closed position, and the binding is automatically locked. All this happens in an instant allowing you to ride straight from the lift without stopping & often without even looking down. The straps return to your preset tension every time. Set your straps once at the start of the day and don’t touch them again.  The new Strewth SLS performs at the highest levels and for the first time perfectly fuses performance compatibility and convenience, to meet the demands of snowboarders worldwide.

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